Battery Storage

Four Reasons You Need Battery Storage

Batteries have come down in price significantly over the last couple of years and there are several reasons why you may want to consider one, with or without solar panels:

1. Excess energy produced by solar panels, particularly in the summer, can be stored for your future use. This is usually more cost-effective than selling the power back as it would cost you more to buy the energy than the income you will receive sending it back to grid. 

2. When your energy usage is high and your solar panel energy production is lower, for example in the winter, you can tap into flexible and low overnight tariffs, such as Octopus Energy's Go or Flux tariffs.

Charge your battery at much-reduced rates overnight and use that power through the day when rates would usually be higher if you were buying it then.

If you don't use the energy, you can sell the excess in your battery back to the grid at peak rates and earn more than you paid! 

3. If your property isn't suitable for solar panels, you can still save money on your energy bills with a battery-only installation, allowing you to benefit from the flexible tariffs mentioned above.

4. A battery will essentially offer greater energy independence and over time will save you money. With savvy usage, storage and the selling back of energy, it could even make you money!

Whether you want to include a battery in a new solar installation, would like to add a battery to an existing solar system, or for battery-only quote, give us a call on 07546 716226. 📞

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