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Solar PV

Solar panels offer a multitude of benefits, including reducing your energy bills, helping you to live and work more sustainably and increasing the value of your property.

With falling prices and increasing innovation, solar energy systems are becoming more affordable, offering faster pay back periods and giving access to host of flexible electricity tariffs and products to help you save money all year round.



Batteries have come down in price significantly over the last couple of years and there are many benefits to having them as part of your solar energy system.

Storing excess energy produced by your solar panels, particularly in the summer, is usually more cost-effective than selling the power back to the grid. Batteries also open up opportunities to tap into cheaper and more flexible overnight electricity tariffs.

A battery will essentially offer greater energy independence and over time will save you money. With savvy usage, storage and selling back of energy, it could even make you money!



EV Chargers

Electric vehicle drivers can save even more money with a solar compatible EV charger.

The GivEnergy EV charger, our recommended model, works brilliantly with the grid, renewables, and home storage batteries and is adaptive, taking power from your preferred source, at your chosen times.

Whether you’ve got a full solar setup complete with a storage battery, you’re grid powered, or whether you’re somewhere in between – the GivEnergy EV charger makes going electric easy. 

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