Making your energy greener, your bills cheaper & increasing your home’s value.
Solutions supplied, installed & monitored.

Using a combination of software & experience to design the most price-effective & powerful solar system for your home.

Solar Panels

Combining innovative functionality with value for money, our tier 1 solar panels offer homes a renewable energy source they can rely on for years to come.

Not only do solar panels offer protection from increasing energy costs & improve your home’s ability to be self-sufficient, they also increase your property value through improving your EPC rating & by being a desirable feature for future buyers.

Solar Batteries

Your solar panels deserve an equally advanced energy storage system.

Batteries can be optimised for cost-efficiency, feeding your home electricity during the day whilst prices are at their highest & then taking advantage of lower cost energy at night by storing excess created by the solar panels.

Simcott Renewables Ongoing Monitoring & Support

To ensure customers continue to get the most out of their systems, we offer ongoing monitoring to customers.

From keeping your system running at its most efficient, to advising on future upgrade opportunities; our professionals are here to help.

Through an ongoing commitment to customers we also ensure they are supplied with systems that they can rely on for tens of years, which is why all of our products are supplied with extensive warranties.

EV Chargers

Solar compatible EV chargers are becoming increasingly popular. We’re able to supply Zappi EV chargers, which are the UK’s first choice for solar compatible EV charging.

Zappi chargers are designed & created by MyEnergi, which are a UK based company who are dedicated to a greener future. MyEnergi also provides other products for making your home greener such as the Eddi, which is a solar power diverter.

Phone Apps

To make the most of your renewable system our products come with iOS & Android apps to help your monitor & optimise performance.

This allows you to no longer rely on your energy company to understand your energy consumption, taking your usage into your own hands (literally).

The emissions you save by choosing solar